Vartotojo suvokiamas ekologiškas maisto produktas

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Vartotojo suvokiamas ekologiškas maisto produktas
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Consumer perception of ecological food product
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Vadybos mokslas ir studijos - kaimo verslų ir jų infrastruktūros plėtrai [Management theory and studies for rural business and infrastructure development]. 2010, Nr. 3 (22), p. 131-137
Ekologiškas maisto produktas; Ekologiškų maisto produktų rinka; Paklausai įtaką turintys veiksniai.
Demand factors; Ecological food product; Ecological food product market.
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LTSiekiant nustatyti ekologiškų maisto produktų vartotojų elgseną bei numatyti ekologiškų maisto produktų rinkos plėtros galimybes, atliekamas vartotojo suvokiamo ekologiško maisto produkto tyrimas. Ekologiškų maisto produktų vartotojų elgsena priklauso nuo socialinio, ekonominio ir kultūrinio konteksto, todėl metodologijos, skirtos elgsenos tyrimui, kūrimas kiekvienu konkrečiu atveju tampa atskira moksline problema. Šiame straipsnyje nagrinėjami vartotojo ekologiško maisto produkto suvokimą formuojantys veiksniai, apibūdinamos pagrindinės ekologiškų maisto produktų rinkos specifinės charakteristikas ir numatomos ekologiškų maisto produktų rinkos plėtros galimybės. [Iš leidinio]

ENResearch of how customers perceive ecological food products has to be conducted in order to define consumer behavior and foresee opportunities of the eco food product growth. Consumer behavior depends on social, economic and cultural context. Thus, research methods have to be developed for every single case, which turns into scientific problem. This article deals with the factors that form consumer perception of the ecological food product, defines basic specific features of this particular market and describes its growth possibilities. Objective – define consumer perception of the ecological food product. Key points: 1. Characterize basic features of the ecological food product important to consumers; 2. Define major characteristics of the ecological food market; 3. Determine possibilities of this particular market growth. Such common research methods as comparative scientific literature analysis and systemic logical analysis have been used when researching and analyzing ecological food products and basic market characteristics.Conclusions: 1. Ecological foods products are perceived by consumers as healthy, safe, nutritious, vitamin rich, tasty, local, expensive, scarce and remarkable food. Some of the features have not been scientifically proven. However, all of these characteristics regardless if seeming or proven influence consumer perception of the ecological food products. 2. Ecological food market could be defined as the market where consumption changes with the time; demand for the ecological precooked food increases and depends on consumer age, sex, education and occupation; ecological food market growth is stimulated by country’s government. 3. It is important to reduce ecological food prices, improve its accessibility and unify EU trade marks in order to develop and sustain ecological food market. [From the publication]

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