Dėl kun. Antano Mackevičiaus vadovavimo sukilėlių būriui 1863-1864 m. sukilime

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Dėl kun. Antano Mackevičiaus vadovavimo sukilėlių būriui 1863-1864 m. sukilime
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About the heading of an uprising band led by rev. Antanas Mackevičius in the uprising of 1863-1864
Sukilimas, 1863-1864 (Lenkijos ir Lietuvos sukilimas; Sausio sukilimas; January Uprising); A. Mackevičius, sukilimas; Antanas Mackevičius; Karinis vadovavimas.
1863 uprising; A. Mackevičius, uprissing; Antanas Mackevičius; Military leadership.
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ENConsiderable research has been carried out on the role of Rev. An tanas Mackevičius in the uprising of 1863-1864. The changes in the place of uprising leader Mackevičius in the Lithuanian histo rical narrative is shown, new insights on the motives pushing him to participate in the uprising, his attitude toward Lithuanian Polish relations during the uprising or in the foreseeable future are pre sented. However, the principle attention is devoted to an evaluation of the military actions of Mackevičius as the leader of a band of insurrectionists. An analysis of archival sources showed that Mackevičius led his band independently as a military leader only in the second half of the bands actions when the uprising had passed its half waypoint. At that time the actions of the Mackevičius band essentially did not differ except for its greater scale of activities and not following the tactics maintained by other uprising bands in the partisan war of actions only "in their own territory". The band led by Macke vičius was active in two districts of the Kaunas Guberniya: in the southern part of the Panevėžys district and the northern part of the Kaunas district. Thus, a more complete analysis of the activities of Mackevičius in the uprising shows that the historiographical evalu ations of his role as the head of an uprising band can be corrected. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to investigate not only the still prevailing evaluation in historiography of the military leadership of Mackevičius, but also pay attention to the importance of his role as the leader of a spiritual uprising. [From the publication]

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