Sėkmės kūrybos mokymo problema

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Straipsnis / Article
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Sėkmės kūrybos mokymo problema
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Training problem of creative work for successfully living
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Acta paedagogica Vilnensia. 2005, t. 15, p. 10-28
Alytus; Utena; Lietuva (Lithuania).
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LTStraipsnyje kalbama apie jaunimo ugdymą, kuriuo jis mokomas kurti sėkmingą gyvenimą tėvų šeimoje, sėkmingą mokymąsi, sėkmingą darbą, sėkmingą savo šeimos ateiti, gebėjimą sėkmingai veikti visuomenėje, ir bandoma analizuoti sėkmės kūrybos veiksnius šeimoje, mokykloje. Tuos veiksnius apibūdina tokie pagrindiniai žodžiai: savigarba, refleksija, sėkmė, kūryba, projektas, planas, veikmė. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Savigarba; Refleksija; Sėkmė; Kūryba; Projektas; Planas; Veikmė.; Self-respect; Reflexion; Success; Creation; Project; Plan; Activities.

ENIn educational science researches it is little spoken about how a particular learner can easily and reliably carry the best subject mastering success. It is even less written about successful lifestyle creation. It is exigent to organize a purposeful necessity in gaining success. It is possible to achieve this via acknowledging yourself by means of self-reflection and acknowledging activities. In order to obtain this, it is necessary based on its quality to project and improve self - potentiality, plan a concrete action according to circumstances. All this in a condensed way is analyzed in this article via answering such questions: 1) how to nurture the success of activity in the parental house? 2) how to work and earn successfully? 3) how to make happiness successfully in your own family? 4) how to establish success in improving relations in the society? 5) how to overcome asociality? Research methods are: home, work, study effecting, its result observation, evaluation, expert accounting, data of the incomplete sentence test, which was performed by adult learners from Alytus and Utena's work marketing training council centers most of who did not posses successful living. [From the publication]

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