"Места памяти" в историко-географическом нарративе (на материалах стран востока Балтийского региона)

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"Места памяти" в историко-географическом нарративе (на материалах стран востока Балтийского региона)
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"Places of remembrance" in the historic-geographical narrative: case of the east of the Baltic region
Estija (Estonia); Latvija (Latvia); Lenkija (Poland); Suomija (Finland); Lietuva (Lithuania); Kolektyvinė atmintis / Collective memory; Kultūra / Culture; Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity.
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ENThe purpose of this paper is to identify the specifics of the phenomenon of historical memory in the East of the Baltic Region. This phenomenon is considered in the framework of the historical and geographical analysis of the sociocultural and political development of the Eastern Baltic states (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland). The theo retical and methodological basis of the research is formed by the scientific concepts of cultural memory and historical memory, the theory of “realms of memory” developed by Pierre Nora, and scientific approaches in the fields of politics of memory and politics of history. Specific patterns of the politics of memory for various Eastern Baltic countries are elucidated. The main factors and major trends of the transformation of politics of memory in the East of the Baltic Region at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries are described. The historical experience of the politics of memory in the Eastern Baltic countries for Russia is analysed. The historical dynamics of “realms of memory” has its own internal logic of self-development, but at the same time it is closely connected with the politics of memory carried out in different countries. Keywords: national memory / historical memory, national identity, “realms of mem ory” / “places of remembrance”, politics of memory, politics of history, commemoration. [From the publication]

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